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St. Emilion Macaroons

Just say "a million"

Our Macaroons

We produce all-natural honey almond macaroons that are gluten-free, and contain no flour, shortening, or leavening of any kind. Each cookie is handmade and traditionally baked in small brick ovens. There are approximately 16-18 cookies in each container. St. Emilion Macaroon Company is the oldest continually operating macaroon company in the US.

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What Our Customers are Saying 

"These are the BEST macaroons I've ever had.  Frank, who has tirelessly made macaroons more than 50 years, has perfected the art of making macaroons.  He is absolutely delightful and beloved by all.  His macaroons are perfect for parties, gifts, and make your heart smile.  My family, friends and colleagues all love his macaroons.  I have been known to eat full tubs in one sitting.  They are all natural and no gluten. The best treat ever."

 -  Grace C. on Yelp

"Really delicious!  So so so yummy!  You would never know the ones we got have no preservatives (honey almond macaroons) and no gluten!  Really couldn't stop eating these moist and delicious cookies!  I want to try everything here!"

-  Lyndsey on Yelp

Where you can buy our cookies!

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available at these retail vendors:

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also served in these fine establishments:

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149 Everett St, East Boston, MA 02128, USA

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